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Why Am I Losing Candidates?

June 11th, 2014

Are you interviewing people, then getting back to your top candidate(s) a few weeks later and finding that the individuals have taken other positions? Is this happening regularly?

If so, take a look at the first sentence above for a clue as to why you may be losing these prospects: you’re following up with them weeks later! In other words, you’re losing candidates because you neglect to follow up with them quickly, letting them know where they stand in their candidacy.

This silence from employers is one of the main issues candidates have with the job search process today. Too many hiring managers fail to either a) let candidates know how long the search process could be and when candidates could expect to hear back from the hiring manager, or b) the hiring manager does say he or she will keep the candidate in the loop, but fails to do so.

As in: no follow up, no call back to say the process has slowed a bit, no update that another candidate has, indeed, been selected.

It’s as if a candidate sends in an application or even interviews and then…..the sound of crickets.

CareerBuilder.com in February 2013 surveyed job seekers and found that a huge percentage – 75 percent! – said that “they never heard back from the employer” (emphasis ours).

So what? So what indeed:  the survey also found that 42 percent of candidates who had a negative experience with a potential employer – and not hearing anything definitely is considered a “negative experience” – would not look for a job at the company again. Another 22 percent told researchers that they would also tell others not to work at the company (again, emphasis ours).

What’s more, disgruntled candidates can let their unhappiness known via exceedingly wide broadcasting networks, such as Facebook, Glassdoor, even LinkedIn.

Bottom line? If you continually neglect to let a candidate know where he or she stands in the hiring process, you risk two things: losing the candidate and losing your company’s good reputation.

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