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Make a Great Impression on Day One with Your New Boss

November 4th, 2015

You have just been hired for a new job. Congratulations! Naturally, you want to get off to a good start, to make a good impression when you report to work. What can you do to hit the ground running and fit in with your new company? Here are a few ideas.

1. Be willing to listen.
You will, understandably, want to make a contribution at your new company, offering ideas and suggestions. But, when you first report to work, the best course of action is to wait until you learn more about your new place of employment before offering your ideas. You need to take some time see how they do things and why before suggesting alternatives. At first, you need to do more listening than talking. You should be asking more questions than offering answers. And take notes so that you don’t have to ask the same questions more than once.

2. Volunteer
After you get settled into your new position, and are satisfied that you are meeting your supervisor’s expectations, look around to see if there are other tasks you can volunteer for or committees you can join. This is a good way to meet people and to show that you are a part of the team.

3. Don’t be demanding.
When you first start a new job is not the time to be asking for things like a raise, change to your schedule, or working from home. It’s also not the time to ask for a new computer or new software, or a new phone, or anything like that.
You can negotiate for these things later, after you have settled in to your new job and have demonstrated your value to the company.

4. Avoid office gossip.
It’s never a good idea of engage in malicious gossip about coworkers, but it’s especially bad when you are new and people don’t know you yet. Gossiping may damage your reputation. You do want to get to know your coworkers, but keep the conversation to work-related topics and other small talk like sports or the weather.

5. Be on time.
You definitely don’t want to be late to your first meeting. Also, pay attention to the company culture with regard to time. Do people generally tend to work late or come to the office early? These are things you want to pay attention to so that you can follow suit.

6. Dress appropriately.
This also depends on the culture of the company. Some places are obviously more laid back than others. But you want to make sure that your dress is in line with everyone else.

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