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Avoid These Mistakes When You Receive a Job Offer

October 19th, 2016

You have come to the end of a long and arduous hiring process. You have been through multiple interviews. And, after all of that, the hiring manager likes you. The company has decided to hire you, and they have given you a job offer.

You may think that now you can take your foot off the gas pedal and coast a little – the tough part is over. But you need to be careful. It’s important on this final step not to make any mistakes that could cost you the job. Here are a few to watch out for.

1. Surprising the employer with new information

This is not the time to suddenly inform the hiring manager that you cannot start the job for several weeks, or that you have planned an extended trip in a month.

2. Problems with a background check

If the background check turns up surprises or reveals major discrepancies, this probably will sink your chances of getting the job.

3. Not responding

The hiring manager tells you that you should receive an offer shortly, so you promptly take an extended vacation to celebrate. In the meantime, the company is waiting for your response and hearing nothing.

Or you get the offer and are suddenly gripped by indecision. Is this the right job for you? So, you delay your response.

4. Pitting employers against each other

In an effort to get more money or other perks, you inform the company that you also have had a job offer from another employer. You try to engage the companies in a competition to see who can give you the best offer. This is not in itself a bad thing. It is a legitimate business strategy. But you need to be careful.

Some companies may go along with this. Others will not. They may withdraw their offer. If you and the company have previously come to an agreement on a salary, and then you try to change it by starting a competition, the company may simply bow out.

5. Failing a drug test

Some companies require a drug test as a condition of employment, and you need to be aware of this.

So, if you are a job candidate avoid these easily corrected mistakes. Be sure of your references and what they will say. Do a background check on yourself before the company does to see if there are any surprises. If there is a skeleton in the closet, raise the issue with the company at the beginning of the process, not at the end. The same is true if you are planning any trips or cannot start the job right away. Let the hiring manager know up front. Be prepared for drug tests.

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