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OSHA Refresher: What Do Employees Need to Know

May 20th, 2015

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a federal agency that is responsible for workplace regulations covering employee health and safety. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, companies must provide safe and healthy workplaces. OSHA works to ensure that workplaces are safe and healthy by making and enforcing standards, providing training and education… Read More »

How a Staffing Service’s Website Can Bring You Your Ideal Worker

October 29th, 2014

Your company undoubtedly has a Jobs or Careers page, one at which job seekers can click through to see what opportunities currently are available at your firm. You may even have a whole recruiting website, one with its own url and one which speaks specifically as to why someone would want to work at your… Read More »

Forklift Driver Salaries in LA, Redlands, Riverside, and San Bernardino

September 3rd, 2014

Looking for Forklift Driver Jobs in Redlands or the rest of California? If you own or manage a company in the Inland Empire region that’s part of the warehousing/transportation sector, you can count your company among a bit more than 1,700 such businesses in the region. Economic Workforce Development through the California Community Colleges recently… Read More »

10 Simple Ways to Improve Workplace Productivity

August 27th, 2014

Time really is money in the workplace. If employees get their jobs and projects done faster, the company saves money (because employees can then go on to another project or task and therefore get more work done in the same amount of time). Yet some people generally work harder than others most of the time.… Read More »

Team Activities to Help Welcome New Hires

August 13th, 2014

Remember what it was like the first day of school when you’d just moved into the neighborhood? You knew no one, everyone seemed to know – and be friends with – everyone else, and you felt that everyone was staring at you. And then your teacher had the class sing a welcome song. Or you… Read More »

How the ACA is Affecting the Staffing Business

June 25th, 2014

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has affected individuals tremendously since the federal healthcare exchange had it’s (less than stellar) rollout in October. The employer portion of the ACA will be going into effect in January and staffing firms will be affected in ways both similar and different from our client companies. Come January, businesses with… Read More »

Why Am I Losing Candidates?

June 11th, 2014

Are you interviewing people, then getting back to your top candidate(s) a few weeks later and finding that the individuals have taken other positions? Is this happening regularly? If so, take a look at the first sentence above for a clue as to why you may be losing these prospects: you’re following up with them… Read More »

5 Interview Questions for a Payroll Specialist

May 28th, 2014

Read below for five interview questions you could ask the payroll specialist candidates you’re interviewing for a position at your Riverside company. While payroll is pretty much the same from company to company, each firm tends to have its own quirks and ways of doing things that are a bit different from every other company.… Read More »

Interview Questions for a Forklift Operator

January 15th, 2014

Because the Inland Empire is a hub for distribution centers, many area employers need forklift operators. If you’re a business that needs these workers, read below for some interview questions you may want to ask forklift job candidates. When performing screening interviews on the phone, you may want to ask questions such as these: Why… Read More »

Hiring Great Temporary Workers

October 23rd, 2013

Too many companies think they can call up a staffing service, “order up some temps,” greet the temporary worker at the door the next day, and be done with it. Of course, you can do this. But to truly get the most out of your temporary workers, a little effort on your part can go… Read More »